PROST San Diego Membership is based on the individual person, not the Company and Candidates must be have been active in the travel industry for a minimum of 3 years.   New Members will be considered and voted on twice per year at the Boards’ discretion.   Membership renewals will be sent to the current membership database annually in December including a payment link for the $35 annual membership fee which is due by end of January . A mid-year membership acceptance will take place in June with a pro-rated annual fee of $20.  If your affiliation changes, please notify the President.

 A candidate shall be occupying an active position or equivalent in one of the classifications listed below. A member’s place of business shall be within the San Diego or Orange Counties. 

1. Travel Advisors & Independent Contractors 

2. Airline                                                             

3. Misc. (Active Associate, Media, Tourist Offices, Representation Firms, etc.}           

4. Hotels, Motels, Resorts                  

5. Cruise Lines                                      

6. Tour Wholesalers    

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Thank you for your application! We will be in touch once you are approved to join as a member and to collect your membership payment.